Considered to be a "perfect number" in the world of mathematics...REALLY! Google it.


Anything that activates or stimulates; inspiration or catalyst. (Yeah, that's us!)

We'll find the perfect spark to ignite your business

28 Sparks is a full service branding and marketing studio based in South Florida. Our team is made up of skillful professionals in their fields, from creative directors (ex-starving artists) to web programmers (super nerds). We also work with a select group of independent contractors that we call upon to work on specific projects that match their strengths.

Our core team has a strong background in graphic design and marketing. This allows us to make sure everything we create, whether it's a printed brochure or a website, is visually powerful and effective.

Think of us as YOUR in-house creative department
(without the office drama!)

Our mission is to be perceived by our customers as their in-house creative directors, art department, marketing team, social media gurus and web developers. We want them to know that they can reach us anytime and count on us to get things done.